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Get your divorce done now for as little as $700 (plus court costs and expenses)

It all depends on you

We can get two people who are in complete agreement about all of their grounds, property, and parenting issues divorced for as little as $700, plus court costs and expenses. We call this an Easy Inexpensive Divorce. Its as easy as filling out our Online Divorce Workbook.
Once you have completed this workbook, we will begin drafting your divorce. One of our attorneys will contact you to set up an appointment with both you and your spouse to look over the divorce documents and sign them. After that, our attorneys will go to court for you and complete your divorce. You will not, in most circumstances, be expected to go to court during your proceedings.
If you just want to see if you qualify for our Easy Inexpensive Divorce, just answer a few easy questions on our Divorce Quick Start Form. This very brief form will send your basic relevant information to one of our lawyers as easily as possible. An attorney will contact you after you submit the form to help you out with the rest of the process.
If you don’t like using online forms or need help, then we would be delighted to talk with you. Just contact us and we will help you get your divorce done now.

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