What is an Easy Inexpensive Divorce?
Prospective clients often call and ask a lawyer or attorney how cheaply he or she will handle an uncontested divorce. The simple answer is it is possible to get two people who are in complete agreement about all of their grounds, property, and parenting issues divorced for as little as $700, plus court costs and expenses. We call this an Easy Inexpensive Divorce.

How much does an Easy Inexpensive Divorce cost?
For most clients with an uncontested divorce without children, a divorce will cost $700 for legal fees and $172 for court costs. This requires that both parties in the divorce are willing to work with us to complete the papers required in the first meeting. For divorces with children, the cost is usually $1,200 for legal fees and $387.96 in court filing fees and will require you to be residing in Shelby County.

Is this a do-it-yourself service?
    Our service includes the personal service of one of our lawyers to draft your documents for you. You are not expected to draft your own documents or file them with the court. We want you to be reassured that your divorce is being handled competently by a Tennessee lawyer, without forcing you to pay the high costs normally associated with such care. 

Will I need to appear in court?
    No! One of our lawyers will file your documents with the court. You will not need to worry about seeing the judge or if the court will accept your documents. We will file them with the court after you have signed the documents. Most other online divorce services require that you pay court costs yourself and file it with the court yourself. We provide this service for you.

Will a real lawyer draft my documents?
    Yes! We are not just giving you some forms for you to fill out yourself. We are actually going to completely draft your papers, explain them to you, assist you in signing them, and then file them with the court. Our staff is there to help you during the entire process.

How long does it take to fill out the Divorce Workbook?
    Assuming you know the statistical data for you and your spouse, it can take as little as ten minutes. If you start the form and realize that you do not know some of the data, you can either just submit the form to us without the data and give it to us later, or leave it for later and fill it in before submitting it.

​How long does it take for me to get back my papers?    
After you complete the online form, one of our staff will usually contact you within 1-2 business days to review the papers with you. After you have returned the papers to us, it will take 1-2 weeks for the papers to return from court. The court then requires us to wait for another 60 days (or 90 days for children). Once that period has elapsed, we will request that the court finalize your divorce.

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